It begins!

Hi there!

I’m Stacey, and this year I’ve taken up the challenge to shave my head for the Leukaemia Foundation’s World’s Greatest Shave campaign. I’ve done this for a few reasons, namely to honour my wonderful cousin Liam, who passed away four years ago after a long battle with Leukaemia. There are others which I’ll share over the course of my journey into bald-headedness, but they’re less important.

For now, I’m going to blog about my experiences both leading up to, and post-shave. I’ve only just kicked this blog off, with a mere 18 days to go, but I plan on filling it with all my nervy worries and fiercely determined excitement.

I’m also doing a Daily Selfie Challenge throughout 2014 to document the last glorious days of The Mane, and to keep track of how fast and weird hair re-growth can be. (I also want to have some badass pictures of that time I had no hair, so my grandkids can laugh and be secretly proud.) If you want to follow along with the Daily Selfie Challenge, you can follow me on Instagram here, or search for xxstaceyki 🙂

Donations to the fundraising effort for the World’s Greatest Shave are still very much welcome, so if you would like to donate to the Leukaemia Foundation by supporting my shave, please visit my fundraising page here. You can also just leave me a lovely message if you can’t donate – I appreciate any and all forms of support as I walk into the spiky unknown.


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